Mar 15, 2023 | News

Retrofits or struggling for spare parts?


At APS we have recently seen an increase in the number of third-party retrofits we are supplying equipment for. Many new customers are coming to us where they are struggling to get support from their existing supplier. At APS we like to keep your system operational with full life-cycle support..

If you are an existing customer then you already know, if you need an upgrade or some spare parts, it doesn’t matter if it has been 10, 20 years, or longer, we will still be able to help you. Similarly, with products like our electric fencing, our energisers can be used in replacement of others without having to change a full system, which will save you thousands and not to mention a headache of trying to source parts!

As well as helping you retrofit other systems, APS products have been designed to be backwards compatible. Meaning no matter what stage of the life cycle the system may be at we will be able to repair or replace parts if necessary.

When we upgrade our software or systems we ensure all products are still compatible so that you are never left in the cold. We will continue to support and protect you for as long as you need us.

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