Microwave Intrusion Detection System

Microguard™ is an effective microwave intrusion detection system, the range has been expanded and now includes a variety of RADAR and next generation IR sensors.

When it comes to outdoor perimeter protection, perimeter alarm systems and open space detection, one of the key factors is the quality of performance of the intrusion detection element. Reliability and safety are paramount and our Microguard product was developed with exactly that in mind.

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We’ve expanded our range of microwave sensors to include outdoor motion detectors, Tri-tech combined Dual Microwave and Infrared sensor, and Quad Beam Active IR sensors ideal for site entry points.

MW-110 is our quad beam active IR photoelectric sensor that offers a remarkable coverage distance of up to 110 meters. With the added advantage of frequency changing, this sensor cannot be easily blinded or blocked.

MW-200, also known as the ‘Invisible Barrier,’ a Microprocessor-controlled Digital Microwave Barrier solution. This system, comprising a sender and receiver, is designed to cover an impressive distance of up to 200 meters, providing a wide beam width of 3.5 meters in diameter. With its unique capabilities, it creates an invisible yet remarkably sensitive 3D volumetric protection zone.

Introducing the MW-310, a cutting-edge Microprocessor-controlled PIR and digital microwave barrier. This sensor integrates passive infra-red (PIR) technology with dual microwave (transmitter and receiver) capabilities in one unit, delivering a sensitive 3D volumetric protection zone of up to 11 meters which can tell the difference between real movement and bushes blown by the wind in its detection zone.

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How Does Microwave Intrusion Detection Work?

Our sensor technology uses microwave beams, whereby a transmitter generates this beam in order to create a protection zone. If a difference within that zone is detected by the receiver, the system then kicks in with an immediate analysis and an alarm is triggered if the pre-determined criteria for an intrusion are met.

The range of system features includes multi-level sensitivity adjustment, automatic range adjustment and high RFI and EMI immunity. Moreover, the microwave sensitivity is unaffected by adverse weather conditions such as heavy fog, rain and snow.

Microwave Intrusion Detection For High Security

The Microguard MW-200 serves as an effective second line of defence and can be utilized in conjunction with an outer perimeter fence, complementing systems like Flexiguard perimeter detection or Pulstar Electro-Fence electric security fence. It is particularly suited for high-security sites with two outer fences and a ‘sterile’ area between them, where our microwave detection sensors find extensive use. The Microguard MW-200 is installed in this intermediate zone, providing enhanced security between the outer perimeter and inner fence. Furthermore, in remote areas where erecting physical fences is costly, this system offers a cost-effective alternative.

For comprehensive defence-in-depth strategies, high-security sites often employ the MW-310 in smaller areas like doorways, ensuring consistent high-level security throughout the premises. Additionally, the MW-110 can be deployed at large entrances or gates to monitor and promptly alert you of any unauthorized entry, allowing for continuous surveillance of activities throughout the day.


  • Automatic range adjustment
  • Multi-Level sensitivity adjustment
  • Microstrip Antennas
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • High RFI and EM immunity


  • Microwave sensitivity unaffected by heavy fog, rain or snow
  • Designed for easy and quick installation
  • Unaffected by birds and small animals
Microguard installation diagram
How an installation would look:

Microguard Can Be Used Behind an Outer Perimeter Fence System
Microguard Intruder Detection
Microguard Outdoor Perimeter Security Solution

For more information on the MICROGUARD range download the product data sheet MW110, MW200, MW210, MW310.

More information on our Microguard range is available on our YouTube channel

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