Microguard: Robust And Reliable

Apr 9, 2024 | APS News

Enter the realm of security solutions with Microguard.

Our expanded range of advanced microwave intrusion detection systems. Elevate your outdoor perimeter protection and open space surveillance with unmatched reliability and safety.

In the domain of intrusion detection, compromise is not an option. Microguard offers a comprehensive selection of outdoor motion detectors and sensors to cater to diverse security needs. From Tri-tech combined Dual Microwave and Infrared sensors to Quad Beam Active IR sensors, our line up ensures your security requirements are met with precision.



Microguard Features:

Experience unparalleled coverage with our MW-110 sensor, boasting an impressive range of up to 110 meters. Its frequency-changing advantage guarantees immunity to interference, delivering robust protection in any environment.

Delve deeper into protection with the ‘Invisible Barrier’ of MW-200, extending its coverage up to 200 meters. This Microprocessor-controlled Digital Microwave Barrier creates an imperceptible yet highly sensitive 3D volumetric protection zone, perfect for securing vast areas.

And last but not least our MW-310, combining passive infrared and digital microwave barriers. With its ability to distinguish real movement from environmental factors. It provides a reliable 3D volumetric protection zone of up to 11 meters.

All of our products are able to be solar powered and can be fitted with a GSM dialler which is extremely handy for a business owner who is constantly on the go and cannot always been on hand to watch and or does not have a designated security team at the business.

Our sensor technology utilizes microwave beams to craft a formidable protection zone. With features like multi-level sensitivity adjustment and automatic range adjustment, coupled with high immunity to interference, our systems stand strong against adverse weather conditions, ensuring unwavering security round the clock.

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