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APS offers maintenance kits for many of our products. Buy direct or find us online. No order is too small.

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Flexiguard Repair Kit

Flexiguard Repair Kit £99.99

Flexiguard Repair Kit intended for the repair of the Flexiguard Fence Security System.

Kit Contents:

  • FS210 Sensor Cable (UV Resistant Sensor Cable) – 10 metre continuous length
  • FS420 External Screened Joint Boxes – 2 joint boxes included


Part No. FS210 – 2 Conductor Coaxial Sensor, Black & UV Resistant, Sensitivity equal over entire length, Diameter 2.8mm

Part No. FS420 – Rating IP65 weatherproof box, Silicone rubber seal, Dimensions 63 x 58 x 35mm, box thickness 3mm

Electro-Fence Repair Kit

Electro-Fence Repair Kit £19.99

Kit Contents:

  • EF410 Wire Clamp (x4)
  • EF300 2.5mm High Tensile wire (x 2m)
  • EF260 Intermediate Insulator (Black UV resist) (x10)
GRP weatherproof enclosure

GRP weatherproof enclosure £102.99

Specifications & Features:

  • Compression moulded glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) insulated cabinet
  • High quality polyurethane seals for consistent ingress protection
  • Protection degree IP 65 to EN60529 and IEC 60529
  • Impact resistance, IK08 5J to BS-EN 500102 and IEC 60696-2-10
  • Double insulated to BS-EN 60439-1 and IEC 60439-1
  • Working temperature -40°Cto 120°C, -40°F to 248°F
  • Halogen Free
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor wall installations
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-water absorbing & Insensitive to sudden temperature change
  • Corrosive environment resistant
  • Easily machined
  • Size 400 x 400 x 200mm, 15.75 x 15.75 x 7.87 inches

Garage Guard

The APS Flexiguard range gives customers a range of security options an applications. It even comes in a simple kit form designed for domestic or small commercial premises.

Protect your car, motorcycle, boat or caravan with Garage guard. The acoustic sensor continuously “listens” to detect vibrations made by would-be intruders attempting to breach your perimeter. It is factory set up, with a fixed length of sensor cable, ready to be installed by your alarm engineer or DIY enthusiast. Flexiguard provides a professional level of protection and can connect directly to your home alarm system.

So whether you keep your pride-and-joy in a shed or garage make sure you protect it today with Flexiguard Garage Guard.

Warehouse Guard

Flexiguard comes in a rage of variants from high security, perimeter fence, warehouse to domestic garage.

When it comes to security many focus on entry points, maybe a camera above the door, sometimes sensors protecting the entry/exit points. Intruders don’t respect your property, nor do they restrict their thinking to traditional access. With modern warehouse construction many simply remove wall panels and gain access that way.

With a Flexiguard Warehouse system the whole perimeter of your building is protected. Our award-winning acoustic sensor system will detect any attempt to gain entry by sensing the vibrations caused by an intrusion attempt.

Flexiguard is a simple and effective PIDS system designed to give you peace of mind.

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