Perimeter Detection System

Flexiguard™ is our perimeter detection system. The system comprises of two main parts, the sensor cable and the analyser. The sensor cable is attached to the fence and connects into the analyser. The sensor cable detects vibrations occurring at any point along its full length and has equal sensitivity along its whole length.
The perimeter to be protected can be divided into zones, so that the intruders’ location can be identified. Each zone can be from 10m to 300m long in distance. One Flexiguard Sensor Cable will protect a fence up to a height of 3m. Fences higher than 3m will require two runs of cable, one near the bottom of the fence and one near the top.

Zone lengths will depend on whether CCTV cameras are being used to survey the perimeter in which case the zones will be designed to correspond with the field of view of the camera.

Flexiguard Analyzer Robust IP65 Rated Enclosure
APS is proud to have provided the Flexiguard with Multisys perimeter detection system for the ancient Pyramids in Giza.
Flexiguard Outdoor Perimeter Security Kit Example
APS is proud to have provided the perimeter security equipment for the ancient Pyramids in Giza. Our Flexiguard and Multisys systems were chosen for the 13.2 kilometer perimeter which was divided into 60 zones. Each zone was then connected back to the central control room.


The FS30X Analyser generates alarms for a range of events. These include: Perimeter breach, cable damage and tamper. Dry relay contacts available for integration with alarm control panel.

Network Ready

Bespoke RS485 network link to a central Windows hub, for a fully integrated security solution, up to 254 network nodes supported.

Sensor Cable FS-210

The Flexiguard Sensor Cable is the most sensitive and accurate sensor cable available on the market today. It has been developed by APS for the sole function to be used in a security environment. The cable has a superior solid state construction. It can move about in the wind and will not generate any false signals. That is why Flexiguard Sensor Cable gives such an outstanding performance both in terms of false activation and detection.

Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit FS-215

For added mechanical protection the Flexiguard Sensor Cable is available in a roundlock stainless steel flexible conduit. The roundlock construction gives an incredibly strong conduit while maintaining great flexibility. It is discrete, being only 6mm in diameter. Its small size also makes it very easy to install.

Automatic Environmental Control

All analysers have an Automatic Environmental Control which is used to automatically adjust the analyser setting during bad weather conditions. It does this by sensing the signals which are generated in the fence due to wind and rain and adjusts the analyser for optimum performance without compromising detection.


  • Early Intruder Warning
  • Maximum Cable Flexibility
  • Screened & Manufactured to Military Specification
  • Not Effected by Electrical or Magnetic Interference
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • Unobtrusive System


  • Can be Installed on Existing Fence or Building
  • Resulting in Lower Installation & Maintenance Costs
  • Flexible cable can be Installed in Awkward Areas
  • Resistant to Interference for Excellent Audio Quality
  • High Detection Rate
  • Detects Cutting & Climbing
  • Automatic Environmental Control
Flexiguard installation diagram
How an installation would look:

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