The Ultimate Intruder Deterrent

“Electro-Fence™ (Electric Fence) is a highly potent intruder deterrent that can be easily integrated into an existing perimeter fence or function as a standalone fence solution. With its prominent physical presence and eye-catching bright yellow warning signs, the electric fence (power fence) serves as a formidable front-line deterrent. By fortifying the perimeter, unauthorized access to the premises is effectively denied.

The moment any attempt is made to climb or cut through the Electric Fence (Shock fence), a swift, safe, and intense shock is delivered, creating an extremely unpleasant experience that acts as a highly effective deterrent. Simultaneously, any breach in the electric fence triggers an immediate alarm, alerting security personnel to the intrusion.

Experience the combined power of a formidable deterrent and instant alarm generation with our Electric Fence (Electro-Fence™). Its robust physical presence, vivid warning signs, and swift response to intrusion attempts make it an unparalleled choice for securing your premises.


  • Shock Monitoring – predetermined number of shocks will be administered to the intruder
  • Voltage Monitoring – alarm generated if intruder attempts to reduce the voltage
  • Cut Monitoring – intruders attempt to cut the wire then an alarm is generated
  • Short Circuit Monitoring – short circuit to either live or earth wires an alarm is generated
  • Low Voltage Monitoring – fence wires can still be monitored and alarms generated when High Voltage is switched off


  • It safe and legal to use
  • Intruder deterrent AND detector
  • Can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence
  • Physical presence presents a potent front-line deterrent
  • Extremely effective deterrent

Electric fencing not only complies with legal requirements but also stands out as the safest perimeter deterrent available. Unlike barbed or razor wire fences, which pose a significant risk of severe injuries to children and pets, Electric Fences ensure that the only consequences for trespassers are their bruised egos. In today’s litigious society, where legal actions are all too common, this safety aspect becomes even more crucial to consider.

Security Grade Electrical Energizers, Electro-Fence
Electro-Fence Warning Sign, Front Line Deterrent
High Security Electro-Fence Gate Protection


Wires are 95mm apart and are attached to steel galvanized posts spaced approximately 3 metres apart.

  • A 3.0m high system has 32 wires
  • A 2.4m high system has 25 wires
  • A 1.0m high system has 11 wires


Powered by our Pulstar™ series electrical energisers which can operate stand-alone or as part of a fully integrated, networked perimeter Security Solution.

Whatever your site configuration or security challenge we have a Pulstar™ Energiser to meet your needs. Even in areas where you have a high security requirement, but not a reliable mains electricity source, Pulstar™ includes options for battery backup, or can run off a solar panel. Your system will still continue to activate an alarm even in the event of a power outage.

Electro-Fence installation diagram
How an installation would look:


All posts are hot dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461. The corner and straining posts are dimensioned at 5 x 25 x 25mm and intermediate posts at 2 x 25 x 25mm. Use of the different post lengths ensures that there is a minimum of 600mm Electro-Fence protruding above any existing fence.

Line Wires

High tensile steel ultra galvanized 2.5mm wire is used for all conductors and comes in coils of approximately 600m runs. The wire is tensioned to 20kg between end posts.

Connecting Cables

All high voltage cables are insulated galvanized steel wire with a U.V. resistant black polythene insulation.


Gates are normally the weakest point in a system can also be protected with Electro-Fence. The single leaf gate, up to a span of 4 meters, uses a single section. Both gates have a high voltage contact fitted which will activate the alarm on the gate being opened.


Warning signs are prominently displayed on all security fences at spacings not exceeding 10m. They should face to the outside and where access may be gained from the inside, on that side too. The mounting heights above ground level should be at 1.5m.


The intermediate insulators have been designed for minimum contact with the fence wires, keeping capacitive losses to an absolute minimum. They are fitted with a water barrier to prevent tracking. They are attached to the Electro-Fence post with a stainless steel split pin or alternatively with a blind pop rivet.

Electro-Fence is simple to install but impossible to defeat.

Warning signs are prominently displayed on all security fences at spacings not exceeding 10m.
Gates are normally the weakest point in a system can also be protected with Electro-Fence.
The intermediate insulators have been designed for minimum contact with the fence wires.

For more information download the product data sheet.

Not sure if electric fence is for you? Watch our short video dispelling the myths:

At APS, we refer to our electric fence is ‘Electro-Fence.’ Nevertheless, various phrases are used globally to describe this highly efficient perimeter security solution. Some commonly used terms include Electric Security Fence, Electrified Fence, Power Fence, Electric Perimeter, Shock Fence, Charged Fence, Live Wire Fence, Energized Fence, Electric Security Barrier, Non-lethal Power Fence, and Non-lethal Electrified Fencing and of course the Ultimate Deterrent.

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