Zombie Apocalypse

Feb 22, 2022 | News

How do you protect yourself from zombie attack?


Planning for a zombie apocalypse shouldn’t be ignored as complete fiction. Whether fictional threat, natural disaster, riot, war or insurrection, there are always going to be threats to your property. So the time to get prepared is now, not when the zombies are just over the horizon.

Maybe you can run, maybe you can hide. Why not just protect your perimeter and stop the undead from intruding on your life. Electro-fence is the ultimate deterrent, delivering a massive 10,000 volt shock to anyone attempting to climb. That’s enough to repel most humans and other species.

Install an Electro-Fence. It will protect your perimeter from unwanted intrusion, by anyone (and almost anything).
Note: not tested on Zombies!

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