Wur doomed

Mar 11, 2022 | News

Maybe we are doomed, but there’s no need to panic!


Like many I’ve grown up enjoying sit-com characters with ridiculous catch phrases and behaviour to match. It was very funny to watch Clive Dunn run around in blind panic at the slightest challenge shouting don’t panic, and his dour scots sidekick commenting “wur doomed” at any issue.

It may feel these days that there’s a lot to panic about. It may seem that forces beyond our control are conspiring to confound our plans, interrupt our lives, and generally make things miserable.

At times of crisis we know that some will lose, and others will win. Risks and opportunities present themselves in a multitude of unexpected ways and we always need to be vigilant. Those who appear to be most adept at taking advantage of difficult situations are often those who seek to exploit weakness. It is important not to let your guard down.

Don’t leave it to the criminal element to test your security. Secure your vehicle, warehouse or yard. When it comes to securing your property the perimeter if often overlooked. Locks, alarms, lights and cameras often take priority, especially when you have a large new site and a limited budget.

At APS we believe that perimeter security is more important than ever. We have a range of products to help secure your valuable assets. By investing in perimeter security you can enjoy the peace of mind that our systems bring. Our FLEXIGUARD intelligent monitoring systems “listen” to your perimeter and detect attempted intrusion 24/7. Need a real physical and psychological deterrent? The you need an Electro-fence: safe, legal, but packs a punch. Some might say “they don’t like it up them”!

Maybe we are doomed, but there’s no need to panic! Get APS secured.

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