what about the environment

Dec 9, 2021 | News

But what about the environment?

Like most things in life there’s always a trade-off between consuming and protecting the environment. Here’s where APS products have the advantage. All of our products are robust and have extremely long life. All components can be recycled by returning to us for secure, environmentally responsible disposal – at no cost to you, or the planet.

Most people expect that the systems will be costly to run and consume huge amounts of power. Take for example our Electro-Fence. Although it produces a serious deterrent of 10,000 volts it consumes no more power than a light bulb. If you don’t have a mains electricity supply it can be powered by a solar panel, with battery backup for night-times.

So not only will APS security products protect your property, giving you peace of mind, you can be assured that you’re also doing your bit to keep energy consumption low and protecting the planet.

Show the world you care outside of your perimeter.

Ask your alarm installer about an Advanced Perimeter System.

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