Welcome to the team Chris!

Jan 25, 2024 | APS News

Welcome To the Team Chris

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Marketing Apprentice!

Image of Christopher APS, new marketing apprentice.

Welcome to the team Chris!

A warm welcome to Christopher Mcilwraith, our new Marketing Apprentice. Stepping into the dynamic realm of marketing, Chris brings with him a refreshing perspective that adds excitement to our already vibrant team. With a unique blend of creativity and enthusiasm. He is poised to usher in a wave of innovation to our social media endeavours.

Upon joining Advanced Perimeter Systems, Chris is not merely starting a new job but rather becoming a vital part of our collaborative family. One that deeply values passion and purpose. As we collectively embark on this shared experience, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the synergy that unfolds as he contributes his distinctive talents to our marketing landscape.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Chris arrives with a reservoir of potential. Ready to breathe new life into our campaigns. Our commitment to fostering an environment that nurtures growth and creativity aligns seamlessly with Chris’s ethos. In this collaborative journey, learning becomes a two-way street. We are confident that he will find as much inspiration as he provides.

As we extend our unwavering support and encouragement, let’s collectively set the stage for a journey filled with collaborative triumphs, shared victories, and individual growth. Anticipate a whirlwind of creative ideas, engaging campaigns, and the distinctive touch of Chris’ flair. Here’s to the commencement of an exciting chapter for him, for us, and the remarkable work we will create together.

Cheers to growth, creativity, and the flourishing journey that lies ahead, wish Chris the best of luck on his journey!

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