Switch on and save

Jul 5, 2023 | News

Customer saves $78,000 dollars a year making the switch!


At Advanced Perimeter Systems we give excellent value for money. Some may say knowing you have put a highly effective system in place and having piece of mind that your property is secure is priceless.

In this case APS had a customer in the US who had experience theft over the weekend, on two separate occasions, when their site was unmanned which led to theft and losses of over $40k worth of equipment. They then hired security guarding services which were costing $1500 every weekend! For the piece of mind, it was worth paying, but they knew they needed a more cost effective, permanent solution.

Making the switch to one of APS “Electro-Fence” did not disappoint.

The customer came to APS for a highly effective perimeter security solution as they understand by having an effective first line of defence, and stopping someone getting onto the property, it would stop them getting in and stealing anything. We recommend the Ultimate Deterrent “Electro-Fence”. This system was a fraction of the cost of their weekend security services over the course of a year. It also meant they were protected 24/7, during the week as well as the weekends. Since installing an APS Electro-Fence they have been incident free.

Great to see another happy customer!

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