Spring has sprung

Mar 8, 2021 | News

Well almost… There are clear signs that the days are getting longer and that spring is almost upon us. With the early shoots appearing, daffodils blooming, there is certainly a feeling of optimism all around.

Secret in Security

With Covid vaccinations ahead of target in the UK and infection rates under control we are hopeful that life may soon return to some level of normality.

Spring is the perfect time to look at your perimeter and review your security. If you have an existing system is it still functioning efficiently? Does it need maintenance? Whether you need some maintenance, spares or a whole new system our team are still working to support you throughout the COVID restrictions.

One day soon we will be released from travel restrictions and be able to conduct business face-to-face once again. At APS we’ve certainly seen an increase in enquiries from around the world. Many projects that have been shelved are now under consideration once again.

At Advanced Perimeter Systems we have a range of intelligent and effective options available to actively secure your perimeter.

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