Security Management System

Mar 24, 2022 | News


APS Systems

Security Management Systems can be really complex, difficult to integrate, tied to specific products and incredibly expensive.

The APS Multisys software is designed to be really simple to operate. It runs on any windows PC and can integrate all APS security systems in a single interface, you can also integrate cameras and other third party sensors, lights, sirens and access control.

Designed with ease of operation in mind Multisys has operator programmed maps and images giving you a graphical indication of any alarms. What’s more you can have multiple operators all with different access levels so you needn’t worry about unauthorised access. There’s also a log file which records every action so you can review and alarm activations, faults or changes in configuration or use permissions.

The biggest surprise about Multisys will be the price. It’s a modest one-off purchase for a lifetime license, no subscriptions or additional costs.

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