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Jan 21, 2022 | News

Security Cameras – detection or deterrent?


Make no mistake, security cameras are a valuable addition to security monitoring of your premises. Equally, many make the mistake of only installing security cameras. How about securing the perimeter so than intruders can’t access your property in the first place?

Having a fence is a great start to protecting your property. Why not make that fence intelligent. Add a Flexiguard acoustic sensor cable to monitor your perimeter 24/7. Be alerted as soon as anyone attempts to cut or climb the fence. Don’t just check the CCTV afterwards, do something proactive to protect your assets, people and property.

Flexiguard is a cost-effective security solution suitable for most perimeters. It is competitively priced, affordable, and effective. It won’t cost you the earth, but an undetected break-in might!

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