Rural crime

Nov 15, 2022 | News

Rural crime on the increase impacts on farmers


Living in the countryside is not always as peaceful and idyllic as you may think. Farmers around the country are struggling with an increase in rural crime.

Understandably response times to reported crime are slower than in urban areas, and with large open areas and valuable crops, livestock and machinery farms are increasingly attractive targets.

Many farmers have little or no security in place. Others spend thousands on CCTV or private security patrols. The costs put unsustainable increasing economic pressure on agricultural businesses.

Farmers need to find low cost, highly effective solutions to protect their property. They need effective perimeter security which can deter, detect and delay intruders.

APS produces a range of robust, cost effective perimeter security solutions which won’t break the bank either to buy or to operate.

Ask your alarm installer today about how you can protect your property with an Advanced Perimeter System.

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