Mar 18, 2022 | News

Understanding risk is a key part of planning effective security.


The current UK threat level is classed by MI5 as SUBSTANTIAL, meaning that a terrorist attack is likely. Of course the majority of businesses in the UK are not an attractive threat to terrorism due to their size, the nature of the business, or geographical location.

Whatever threat risks affect your business it is essential that you have an up to date threat risk assessment done by a competent security advisor, then implement measures to protect your assets, property and people.

At APS security begins at the perimeter. We produce a range of systems that guard and effectively monitor your perimeter. Keep intruders off your property and there’s less chance of them getting into your property.

From the very discreet FLEXIGUARD to the ELECTRO-FENCE ultimate deterrent APS can provide you with a solution for all of your perimeter security needs.

Ask our friendly team or your local alarm installer about your Advanced Perimeter System today.

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