Jul 24, 2023 | News

In an ever changing world one thing remains constant, risk.


The one thing you can be sure of is that those wishing to attack, intrude, or vandalise your property will always be looking at exploiting any weakness. As technology enhances, simplifies, or complicates our lives, its not just the good guys that have access to it.

You’ve upgraded your server firewall, connected your CCTV cameras to the cloud, installed the latest access control, but ask yourself are you missing something? The risk of intrusion is ever present.

Weak points, blind spots all exist. Your cameras will stream live images which you can share with your insurance loss adjustor. To minimise the risk of intrusion, and the resultant theft, damage or other loss, you need defence in depth.

A multi-layered approach integrating different types of security should start at the perimeter. Whether you go for something discreet like our invisible barrier, Microguard, or something discreet like Flexiguard you can be sure that by keeping would-be intruders off your property you can keep them out of your premises.

And if you really want protected go for the ultimate deterrent electric fencing. As one of our USA customers recently commented, “Electro-Fence is gnarly enough to keep people away just by the look of it”.

Are you going to invest in a robust multi-layered perimeter solution, or just risk it?

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