PULSTAR Energiser

Intelligent Intruder Deterrent & Detector

PULSTAR™ Energiser is the intelligent control and beating heart of our powerful Electro-Fence system. Deployable as a standalone deterrent or part of a full security system, the Pulstar™  Energiser is a security grade electric fence energiser, designed with high-security in mind, but can be used in many other applications.

System configurations and options can allow you to secure an almost unlimited range of perimeters, configure and monitor multiple zones. We have a range of options from basic security grade through to the full high-security military grade security system.

There is a Pulstar™ series energiser available for all power inputs, and where the supply is unreliable it is battery backed, and can even run off a solar panel power source.

As soon as an attempt to climb or cut Electro-Fence is made a safe, short, sharp, very unpleasant shock is felt resulting in a very effective deterrent. Any attempt to breach the fence generates an immediate alarm.


  • Shock Monitoring – predetermined number of shocks will be administered to the intruder
  • Voltage Monitoring – alarm generated if intruder attempts to reduce the voltage
  • Cut Monitoring – intruders attempt to cut the wire then an alarm is generated
  • Short Circuit Monitoring – short circuit to either live or earth wires an alarm is generated
  • Low Voltage Monitoring – fence wires can still be monitored and alarms generated when High Voltage is switched off


  • It safe and legal to use
  • Intruder deterrent AND detector
  • Can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence
  • Physical presence presents a potent front-line deterrent
  • Extremely effective deterrent
Security Grade Electrical Energizers, Electro-Fence
Pulstar Energiser
Pulstar Energiser and Enclosure


The Pulstar™ Energiser generates alarms for a range of events including: Fence voltage drop, tamper, loss of network comms and back-up battery failure. These are reported to the Multisys hub, a control panel, or your alarm system depending on the model and configuration.


Deployable as a stand-alone fence controller, which can be integrated to your alarm control panel, or as a fully networked system controlled and monitored by our Multisys Windows software suite.

Easily configured by software or our hand-held programmer.


Multiple Pulstar™ Energisers can be synchronised over an RS-485 network connection controlled by a central Windows PC.


Energiser List of Options
* Optional 110-240v mains electricity     **Mains conversion available


Pulstar is the intelligent monitor and beating heart of our electric fence system. For more information on Pulstar, please get in touch…

For more information download the product data sheet.

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