Pride and Joy

Jan 13, 2022 | News

Secure your vehicle storage with garage guard


Motor, banger, passion wagon, car, jalopie, beama, ride, truck, machine, junker, gas guzzler, backseat heap, minivan, charger, mums taxi, limousine…

However you refer to your automobile or other means of personal transport it’s likely to be one of the larger investments you make in life, and is often essential for mobility and access to work.

Doesn’t have to be a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or McLaren to be your pride and joy. Whether you park it at home or drop it off at the garage you want to be sure it’s taken care of, protected and secure.

Ask: does your garage have an Advanced Perimeter System installed?

APS has a range of security systems and electric fencing suitable for protecting the multi-million pound car compound down to the more affordable garage guard for your old banger.

What are you waiting for? Contact APS today to secure your advanced perimeter.

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