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Apr 21, 2022 | News

Don’t leave you heavy plant and machinery unprotected.


Owning or leasing plant and machinery comes with great responsibility. Heavy construction machinery is expensive. One of your most valuable assets, not just in the cost to purchase and maintain, but in the usefulness in getting the job done.

Heavy machinery can be a target for thieves and vandals, so make sure that when not in use they are protected by having adequate and effective security in place. What better way to secure your essential plant than installing an Advanced Perimeter System?

Losing valuable assets to criminals is devastating to any business, but also think of the hidden costs of a breaking.  So, in addition to the cost of replacing expensive plant you also suffer the inconvenience and expense of lost time, and potentially losing customers if you can’t get the job done.

Advanced Perimeter Systems has a range of security systems from the discreet Flexiguard, through to the ultimate deterrent, Electro-fence. Find out which systems are best suited to protect your assets, premises and people by speaking to the friendly team at Advanced Perimeter Systems today.

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