Perimeter Security

Jan 24, 2022 | News

Perimeter Security needs more than just a fence

APS Systems

OK so you have a clearly defined perimeter, perhaps constructed of a so-called anti-climb fence, or maybe just a nice open plan area protected by cameras. However your perimeter is defined, marked or fenced, ask yourself is it really enough?

What you really need is an Advanced Perimeter System which monitors your perimeter 24/7 and activates an alarm whenever any attempt to breach your perimeter is made.

At APS we have a range of system solutions available to meet your needs, from microwave sensors to protect those areas where a physical barrier isn’t possible or attractive, acoustic sensors to actively monitor your fence line, to the ultimate deterrent Electro-Fence with it’s powerful 10,000 volt pulse to deter and repel any attempts at intrusion.

Not sure which solution is right for you? No problem.

Ask our experts today and secure your perimeter with an Advanced Perimeter System.

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