One size fits all?

Nov 2, 2021 | News

Calling all alarm and fencing installers and integrators

We know that you want to offer the best possible protection for your client’s premises. Whatever the industry, wherever the site, each location poses very real and dynamic security challenges.

At Advanced Perimeter Systems we recognise that there is not a one size fits all solution. That’s why we build bespoke security solutions specifically for our customer’s needs. We firmly believe that the best way to secure premises to start with a robust perimeter. It doesn’t even need to be a physical barrier.

Microguard is a great outer perimeter for those sites where you want something a little more discreet. Strategically placed microwave sensors protecting a part of your perimeter are an effective way of providing an alarm without having a physical fence visible. Ideal for your stately home, embassy, or any area where aesthetics matter. You might not want to see a fence, but you will want the protection of a microwave barrier.

Of course in some installations you really do want a physical perimeter. Electro-fence provides the ultimate deterrent. An unbeatable, non-lethal, electric fence packing a mighty 10,000 volts is a strong physical and psychological barrier. It is safe and legal to install even here in the UK. An ideal outer perimeter for high value storage or manufacturing facilities.

Electro-fence just a bit too much for your site? No problem. Our award winning Flexiguard is an acoustic sensor which attaches to your fence line. It detects vibrations, effectively listening for any attempt to climb or breach the perimeter. Oh, and its environmental compensation module ensures that you won’t be troubled by false alarms due to weather or other environmental factors.

If you are an alarm or fencing installer interested in securing your clients premises with APS products give us a call today. We provide full technical support and training. Just ask!

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