Not so special offer

Feb 2, 2022 | News

Quality products at fair and reasonable prices


At APS we believe in providing quality products at fair and reasonable prices. We don’t do flash sales, special offers, managers’ discounts, spring, summer, autumn or winter sales. Why not? Everyone loves a bargain!

We offer consistent pricing all year round. We ensure that our products are robust, built to British Standards, and as an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer you can be assured that they are thoroughly tried and tested. Designed to last a lifetime.

So we don’t normally do special offers or flash sales. Security isn’t an impulse purchase but a serious investment in protecting your assets, property and people. But if you really can’t resist a bargain why not look at our Microwave barriers. Order 10 in February and we’ll give you the power supply free!

Maybe it is a special offer after all…

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