North wind

Feb 4, 2022 | News

The north wind shall blow, and we shall have snow…

Yes, winter is upon us. Cold days and dark nights. Perfect time of year for intruders to take cover of darkness to do their thing. Don’t leave them any opportunity; ensure that your perimeter security is up to the job. Make sure that your perimeter fence is well maintained, secure, properly tensioned, corrosion and vegetation free.

Flexiguard, with Automatic Environmental Control, compensates for the movement of your fence caused by the wind and avoids setting off a false alarm due to that movement. The Flexiguard sensor and analyser combination can tell the difference between the vibrations generated by wind and rain, compared to an attempted cut or climb intrusion attempt.

So don’t just hide in the barn with your head under your wing. Ask your alarm installer about an Advanced Perimeter System.

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