New Delhi, New Perimeter Security Needed

Feb 15, 2024 | APS News

New Delhi, New Perimeter Security Needed

Image shows plane on runway

Plane on runway

On Saturday the 27th Of January an intoxicated man managed to gain access to The New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International Airport’s runway. He was soon after arrested on the tarmac on the runway by the Central Industrial Security Force. Luckily this man was only drunk. What if he was a determined criminal or even worse a terrorist. Think about what damage could have happened in the time between the perimeter being exposed and by the time he was arrested.

This starkly illustrates the glaring deficiencies in airport perimeter security. Underscoring the urgent need for business and proprietors to prioritise this aspect. With such lapses evident in major airports globally, it serves as a compelling reminder of the vulnerability that extends to all.

Perimeter security serves as the first line of defence against unauthorized access, theft, and all threats to assets. It establishes a boundary, safeguarding critical infrastructure also sensitive information, and personnel. By deterring intruders and providing early detection, it mitigates risks, enhances safety, and preserves the integrity of protected areas.

Advanced Perimeter Systems provide a variety of different perimeter security systems to help prevent events such as this to happen, our Electro-Fence and our Flexiguard could have prevented this happening.

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