Let’s get physical

Oct 21, 2021 | News

Let’s get physical


It may sound old fashioned, out of date, perhaps even irrelevant with all the hype about cyber security, digital security, phishing, online scams it’s easy to forget that physical security risks are just as important to business.

You wouldn’t leave the office door open at night when everyone goes home, would you? Don’t be ridiculous I hear you say! Indeed. But have you really done everything possible to secure your business premises?

There’s been a massive rise in the number of cameras (public and CCTV) installed everywhere these days and mostly accessible via the internet. Progress. Of a kind anyway. All that internet connected visual technology is great. You and your neighbours can now see that your premises have been left unattended, and hopefully you did lock the front door.

But take a step back. How else can you secure your business, and your valuable assets (or your customer’s property)? Perimeter security is an essential first step. What about a smart perimeter – a system which can give an alarm whenever intruders attempt to enter your property.

Don’t wait to watch thieves and vandals enter your premises. Stop them at the first opportunity.

FLEXIGUARD is a discreet, proven technology, which can be installed on your perimeter fence and let you know the instant someone tries to get in. The sensor cable detects minute vibrations and the analyser can compensate for environmental factors, so the wind or next door cat won’t set off an alarm.

What are you going to do? Secure your perimeter or wait for the break-in and watch it on CCTV? May as well just leave the door open.


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