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Dec 20, 2021 | News

We’re obsessed with security


Safe and secure is exactly what you’d expect from an advanced perimeter system. You might think that we’re obsessed with security. We hope so, and that’s not a bad thing, surely?

At APS we design and manufacture systems to deliver high-security features which can operate standalone or as part of an integrated security system. We even produce our own windows-based security management software.

Our systems are designed to be robust, built to be reliable, tested to ensure they meet our stringent quality requirements. Most of all they will protect your assets, property and people where you need them most. Not only where, but when 24/7. No meal breaks, rests or downtime. Some of our systems feature battery backup and can operate fully and generate alarms even when your power supply fails.

APS systems are trusted by governments, industry, correctional facilities, and military sites across the world. Many of whom we can’t tell you about for obvious reasons.

We may be obsessed with security. You should be too.

APS manufactures from a secure facility in Scotland. We ensure that we operate in a hygienic facility taking all covid mitigations. All eligible staff are vaccinated. Your order is manufactured specially for you safe and sanitised so that’s something else you don’t need to worry about.

At APS we don’t just sell you a security system, we like to think of it as peace of mind.

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