Keep Security Simple

Mar 10, 2022 | News

Security made simple


We all lead complicated lives these days. Relying on so much technology that often baffles, we sometimes forget that the best protection is often the simplest.

Lock your doors and windows, close the gates. Well maybe not quite just that simple.

At APS we produce a range of security solutions, which although use complex electronic monitoring, are designed for ease of use; are simple to install and maintain.

Our approach to security starts at the perimeter. Stop intruders from getting onto your property is the best way to stop them from getting into your property. Our range of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems will constantly monitor your perimeter and let you know when there’s any attempt to breach that perimeter. Our solutions range from the invisible barrier – Microguard, the discreet – Flexiguard, through to the ultimate deterrent – Electro-Fence.

Not sure which solution is the right fit for you? Ask you local alarm installer or give us a call today.

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