Is your fence truly anti-climb?

Mar 4, 2022 | News

What makes a security fence anti-climb?

At APS we think that all fences should be monitored and protected to minimise the chances that a determined and experienced intruder will find a way. Any if such an individual did attempt to breach your perimeter we can be sure that our systems would generate an alarm to let you know.

With the many new styles of fence coatings, mesh sizes and construction many fences claim to be anti-climb, but many industry professionals agree that there really isn’t any such thing as anti-climb fencing. An inventive experienced intruder will always find a way – well almost.

Whilst our Micro-guard provides a robust invisible barrier, and Flexiguard is so sensitive it is your best early warning of an attempted intrusion, we believe that there is only one true anti-climb fence on the market.

Electro-Fence. It is the ultimate deterrent. A powerful physical and psychological deterrent to all intruders. Come and try the 10,000volt challenge and find out for yourself.

So you want a true anti-climb fence? Just add 10,000 volts!

Security systems for real peace of mind.

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