Infrared or microwave?

Feb 9, 2022 | News

MW310 Tri-tech outdoor security sensor

Not sure if you’d be better with an infrared or microwave security sensor? Try the Tri-tech MW310 outdoor security sensor which combines the best of both.

MW310 is a Microprocessor controlled PIR and digital microwave barrier. This professional quality sensor can be used in harsh environments, automatically compensating for environmental factors throughout its operating range.

The sensor combines passive infra-red PIR with Dual Microwave (transmitter and receiver) in a single unit providing a sensitive 3D volumetric protection zone of up to 11m.

The Dual Microwave displacement technology adopts cutting-edge Phased Array Radar technology to analyse and recognise the shape and relative displacement speed of any intruding objects. It can accurately determine the difference between a moving person and a swaying plant thus preventing false alarms.

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