Importance of perimeter protection

Nov 25, 2022 | News

Perimeter protection has never been so important

The recent closure of Brandenburg airport demonstrates the need for adequate perimeter protection. The widely publicised images show climate protestors cutting through a simple chain link fence before running on to the runway and closing the airport.

The news images show a tall fence topped with coils of razor/barbed wire. A good deterrent to prevent anyone climbing over the fence. But the protestors took a more direct approach. They simply cut a hole in the chain-link fence.

How can this be prevented? Put simply, it can’t. A determined intruder will find a way, however dangerous and destructive.

How can we protect such infrastructure? Deter, detect, and delay.

A robust perimeter fence with sensors actively monitoring is one solution. APS Flexiguard is an acoustic sensor cable which actively monitors vibrations on the fence line. It can detect attempts to cut or climb a fence and raise the alarm.

You could opt for additional layers of sensors. Perhaps the Microguard range which uses microwaves to form an invisible barrier. Anyone entering the microwave beam will be detected and activate an alarm. Ideal where something more discreet is required or for additional layers of protection.

A solution which will deter and detect would-be intruders is the APS ultimate deterrent Electro-Fence. A 10,000volt pulsed, non-lethal, electric fence. Not only is it physically and psychologically intimidating, it packs a punch. Anyone attempting to breach the fence is getting a mighty 10,000 volt shock and setting off the alarm!

Not all intruders just want to protest, however disruptive that may be. If a protestor can get in imagine what a determined criminal might do.

So what do you do? Accept that intruders will invade your property, or create a robust perimeter to protect your property.

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