If you need to ask the price…

Sep 24, 2020 | News

If you need to ask the price…

The truth is, when it comes to security, Advanced Perimeter Systems understand that it needs to be effective and affordable. Its an expense that many try to avoid. Unfortunately, the cost of not having effective security is often significantly greater than the investment in a reliable, robust, security system.

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APS award-winning Flexiguard system is an advanced, intelligent, acoustic sensing cable system which attaches to your warehouse building or perimeter fence. The system detects any attempt at cutting, climbing, or otherwise breaching your perimeter. It sets off an alarm to let you know BEFORE someone is able to enter your premises.

Flexiguard is not as expensive as you may think. APS warehouse kits available from as little as £899 (+VAT). These systems are simple to install and can integrate with your existing alarm system or operate standalone.

Our Flexiguard fence monitor even intelligently monitors the environmental conditions. This helps to eliminate false alarms caused by wind and weather, but still keeping your perimeter safe. Flexiguard Perimeter kits start as little as £1,750 (+VAT) and can be installed by your alarm company or by one of our network of installation partners.

Details of our range of products can be found at www.advancedperimetersystems.com

If you do need to ask the price then give us a call today on +44 (0) 1786 479862 or email sales@apsltd.net



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