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Sep 10, 2020 | Case Study

Pulstar is the award-winning intelligent energiser/analyser control board behind APS safe, non-lethal Electro-Fence product.

Electro-Fence Energiser

Pulstar is the hearbeat of our system. It delivers the intelligent monitoring, configurable alarm outputs, and integration with third-party systems, which make this a dynamic market leading system. In addition, of course, it delivers the 10,000 volt shock, which although is designed to be non-lethal – it certainly packs a punch.

  • Pulstar comes in a variety of models configurable for your exact needs. Features include variable voltages, voltage monitoring, short circuit monitoring and configurable shock pulsing.
  • Pulstar is safe and legal to use. Electro-Fencing is an effective physical deterrent; flexible to be used in a variety of installations using existing fencing, wall topper or as a stand-alone fence.

APS Pulstar can be integrated with your existing alarm panel or for larger installations use our Multysis control software, which can also integrate third party devices such as alarm contacts and CCTV cameras. The system is capable of being installed anywhere and doesn’t even need mains power, it can operate from battery or solar power sources.

Data Sheets providing full details of each product are available on the products page. So which one is right for you?

What are you waiting for? Get Energised.

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