Garage Guard

Jan 17, 2022 | News

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Aimed at the commercial and domestic markets, Garage Guard is derived from our Flexiguard Warehouse system. It is designed to protect the perimeter of a garage or store using our acoustic sensor technology to monitor and detect any attempt at intrusion through the external structure of a building or enclosure.

Ideal for those small spaces where we store our most valuable assets (cars, motor bikes, boats, etc.) often at home. Many of us rely on home security systems, or none other than a large padlock, but if your pride-and-joy is left unattended then why not consider Garage Guard.

You might think that a lock on the doors or bars on the windows are enough. Not nowadays where the would-be thief is happy to breach the walls or enclosure, which is sometimes easier than forcing the doors. Garage Guard uses our acoustic sensor cable to actively “listen” and monitor any unusual vibrations to detect interference.

Garage Guard is designed to be easily installed by hobbyists or your local alarm installer. It connects to your existing home alarm panel or can be fully self-contained. The kit requires no setup, mounts directly to your wall. The sensor cable leads out to secure the perimeter and another cable provides power and alarm outputs. Simple and secure.

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