Friday is the new Black

Nov 25, 2021 | News

Black Friday is upon us once again.

Yes, Black Friday is upon us once again. A time for retailers to launch yet another sale to entice consumers to part with their hard-earned cash, buying yet more stuff that they don’t need, and probably if they took time to think about it don’t even want.

So grab a bargain this Black Friday. Join the throngs online and in stores around the world giving the retail economy a boost. It’s not all about retail.

For the history buffs Black Friday might make you recall the 1869 gold market crash and it’s long-lasting impact on the US economy. Maybe you’re thinking of Black Day where India remembers Pakistan’s invasion of Kashmir in 1947. Perhaps you’re thinking about the Korean holiday celebrated by singles, eating their black Jajangmyeon, and complaining about their lack of love.

If you’re thinking about giving in to temptation this Black Friday buy the gift of security. Talk to APS about how we can help buy you peace of mind by installing an Advanced Perimeter System to keep your assets, property and people safe.

At APS we take security seriously. No unbelievable discount sales, no gimmicks. But give us a call today and claim your Black Friday 10% off. Get your credit card ready!

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