False alarms

May 10, 2022 | News

False alarms can be extremely irritating.

Electric Fencing

False alarms can be extremely irritating. Expensive too. Did you know that almost 30% of call-outs are for false alarms due to poorly maintained, or badly installed systems. Broken fittings, loose wiring, damage by insects, rodents animals and humans, all add up to an alarming call-out rate. Add to that the accidental (and even malicious) activations and it’s no wonder many question the effectiveness of their alarm system.

Many business owners assume that all systems are maintenance free and don’t bother with routine inspections, testing and maintenance checks. APS systems are designed to be reliable and robust however we do recommend at least an annual inspection. We have some of the lowest FAR rates in the industry.

How about upgrading it to an Advanced Perimeter System. Choose from our range of security solutions and find a system that is designed to protect your business, not just something off the shelf that may or may not work for you. Reliable, robust, and almost maintenance free.

So don’t ignore your alarm system or switch it off. Get an Advanced Perimeter System for peace of mind.

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