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High Security Electric Fence System Electro-Fence™ (specialised non-lethal electric security fence system) is a powerful perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS) which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or wall. In addition, it can provide an extra layer of security within a site’s perimeter as a free standing electric fence. The obvious physical presence of the electric fence is a potent psychological barrier, as well as an extremely effective deterrent. And unlike razor wire or barbed wire, the attacker is not actually harmed, although with a 10 kilovolt pulse shock, they'll sure feel like they've been harmed.


Safety and legality

The question we get asked most is if electric fencing is legal for commercial premises.

Not only is it legal, it's also the safest perimeter deterrent out there! A quick Google search will find you horror stories about kids and pets sustaining horrific injuries climbing fences with razor wire. With electro-fence the only thing that will be injured is the trespasser's pride. And in an era where there are plenty out there willing to turn to litigation, that's worth considering.


Cameras are useful when your assets are gone and the police are trying to apprehend the criminals, but Electro-fence TM will keep your assets on your property! Our research suggest a better than 98% reduction in crime at sites protected by Electro-fence.  

Fully compliant with BS 1722-17 and with our network of installers fully certified, you can rest assured your install will be both legal and secure.