Dream Team… dream on…

Sep 17, 2020 | News

Advanced Perimeter Systems most valuable asset, like most companies, is our staff. We are very proud of our little team of experts.

In recent months they have had to face all the challenges that many have throughout the world by adopting new working practices, sometimes working from home, communicating remotely, making changes to their working environment or behaviour.

APS Secured, peace of mind.
We’re a caring, sharing kind of team, but because of covid-19 we can’t even share the biscuits, not that Louise can ever be parted from her chocolate. We no longer hug friends or shake hands with acquaintances and sadly we can’t meet many of our customers and suppliers like we would wish.

But we’ve adapted to the new normal. Well, normal is a novel concept for our team – just ask Jack in production – or perhaps not! Life may never be the same for many of us. We may never return to our pre-pandemic “normal” but the new normal for us is almost business as usual. Supporting our customers, creating excellent products and doing everything we can so that your customers can benefit from the protection of an Advanced Perimeter System.

APS protected gives you peace of mind.

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