Dispelling the Myths

Oct 15, 2020 | News

There are a lot of myths about electric fencing being illegal, dangerous, and complicated. However, the truth is electric fencing is completely legal, safe, and simple to install but impossible to defeat.

Advanced Perimeter Systems Electro-Fence solution is the ultimate deterrent to would-be intruders. Our effective, market leading, security system is built to British Standards. It delivers a short sharp, non-lethal 10,000 volts to anyone attempting to cross your perimeter. The best part is that this is completely Safe and Legal to use and any attempt to breach the fence generates an immediate alarm.

Electric Fencing

Some common questions we are asked about electric fencing are:

‘Is electric fencing safe?’

Yes, properly installed and maintained electric fencing is designed to deliver a non-lethal high voltage pulse of energy to repel would-be intruders. In fact it is safer, and causes fewer injuries per year, than razor or barbed wire fencing.

‘Is this system legal?’

Yes, Electro-Fence is designed to deliver a non-lethal shock and is completely legal in the UK and in the majority of territories overseas. Refer to BS EN 60335-2-76.

‘Am I qualified to install?’

Depends. Once you have completed a manufacturers approved training course you can install this system but only once you have become an accredited installer of the equipment. Electro-Fence is simple to install but impossible to defeat.

‘Does it use up a lot of electricity to run?’

APS electric fences operate with very low power consumption. The system can be run off mains power or solar panels and has back up battery options to alert you should there be a power outage.

‘This system must be expensive?’

Absolutely. Not. APS Electro-Fence is less expensive than you might think. There are many cost-effective options depending on the size of your project and the type of system you choose.

‘Are they really only suitable for prisons?’

They are, but not just prisons. Electro-Fence is suitable in any environment where a high level of security and an effective deterrent is required. Electro-Fence can be used on various sites from nuclear power stations to animal enclosures, from military bases to car compounds and lots more in between.

I’m sure there’s lots more you’d like to learn about electric fencing. For more information on this ultimate, safe and legal deterrent get in touch with APS today.

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