Cyber moan day

Nov 26, 2021 | News

Cyber Monday – grab a bargain

The first Monday after Thanksgiving has become a popular day for online sales. Perfect for those of us who don’t want to battle through the crowds on Black Friday. Or if, like me, you’re an armchair shopper it’s the perfect opportunity to browse online to grab a bargain, or what appears to be a bargain.

We all then enjoy a good old moan about the price. Was it truly the bargain we first thought? Did my friend really buy it cheaper in store? Was it really the latest model, full of new features, or just some old stock retailers wanted to get rid of?

Well, if you’re really looking for a bargain this Cyber Monday, we have an offer you really can’t moan about. For one day only we are offering our Multisys Security Management Software at an amazing (and NEVER to be repeated) 20% off.

Call our sales team today to claim your amazing Cyber Monday offer.

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