Jun 21, 2022 | News

Can you afford to be the victim of crime?


Crime soars in tough times.

Sad but true, when the economy is taking a battering every penny counts. The cost-of-living crisis creates opportunities to be exploited by thieves and vandals. They don’t care who they take from, what it costs, or who ultimately has to pay. So don’t leave your property vulnerable.

Entrepreneurs are often lauded for their innovation, new ideas, work ethic or inventiveness. There’s another hard working group out their who also exploit every opportunity – thieves. Given half a chance they will take the shirt off your back.

What can you do about it? Well first, do a risk assessment. Consider what security threats your property and people might be exposed to. Then consider how to mitigate or eliminate the risks. Are your premises secure? Do you control access? Have you got CCTV? An alarm system? All good stuff.

What about the perimeter? If you can stop intruders getting on to your property, you can prevent them from getting in.

Ask the team at APS for advice on securing your perimeter. With an Advanced Perimeter System actively monitoring your perimeter 24/7 you will be alerted to any attempted intrusion. So don’t wait for the CCTV to record a break-in. Catch them at the perimeter with an Advanced Perimeter System.

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