crime on the increase

Jan 10, 2023 | News

Cost of living crime on increase


As the cost of living crisis bites all sectors across the UK and further afield we are constantly hearing reports of increased crime, theft and robbery.

Recent reports include theft from busy distribution depots, often in daylight where thieves simply walk off with stacker cages of parcels. In one recent report a group was apprehended walking away from a depot wheeling cages down their local high street, seemingly unnoticed by the depot staff, but reported to the police by passers-by.

Whilst this is an extreme example it shows gaps in the security, whether access control or site management. One thing is clear that if you leave an opportunity criminals will exploit it.

Speak to your local alarm installer or Crime Prevention Officer today to find out which Advanced Perimeter System could protect your property. Or do nothing and just let it walk out the door!

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