Jul 7, 2023 | News

Ultimate deterrent for Critical Infrastructure


There’s a long list of sectors which are vital to our everyday lives which need to be protected:
Chemical storage or production, Nuclear, Communications, Energy, Water, Transport, Space, Health, Defence, Government and many more. Imagine the economic and human impact if food, water or utilities are disrupted.

For those sectors considered Critical National Infrastructure (those that affect the availability or integrity of essential services, or have a significant impact on national security or the functioning of the state) governments have standards in place to ensure the appropriate protective security is in place.

At APS we focus on perimeter security with a range of products designed specifically to protect critical national infrastructure.

Of course we can’t tell you where you will find out installations throughout the world, or what or who they protect. But if you do find yourself responsible for protecting critical national infrastructure anywhere in the world consider the APS range, including our Ultimate Deterrent, “Electro-Fence” our powerful, pulsed, non-lethal electric fence.

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