Best in the business

Oct 12, 2021 | News

Best in the business


Advanced Perimeter Systems is delighted to have been recognised in the BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards.

At the BUILD awards we have been recognised as the “Best Perimeter Security Solutions Manufacturer – UK.

This achievement is solid recognition of APS high security perimeter systems which include:

Flexiguard – An acoustic sensor that detects minute vibrations and sets an alarm if there’s any attempt to climb or breach. It can attach to your warehouse or fence. You get peace of mind intruders wouldn’t even know it was there.

Electro-fence – The ultimate deterrent. A robust physical and psychological deterrent Pulstar Energiser delivers a short sharp 10,000v pulse to repel any attempt to penetrate your perimeter.

Microguard – An invisible barrier providing an effective, discreet, secure perimeter.

Whatever your needs APS has an AWARD WINNING security solution for you.


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