Barbed wire

Nov 7, 2022 | News

Cheap solution. Looks scary. Potentially dangerous.

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Barbed wire, or razor wire, is an inexpensive solution to protecting a site boundary. Well established around the world and used everywhere from battlefields to commercial yards. But is it safe to use and effective in security your property?

Whilst it will delay some intruders it is relatively easy to defeat. Simply cut.

Although a cheap option it is designed to cause injury. It is inappropriate in any area where animals or humans can come in to contact with it.

Every year children especially get seriously hurt by getting caught up in barbed wire. It’s dangerous.

A far better solution would be professional Perimeter Intruder Detection System (PIDS) which actively monitor your perimeter without rick to life or limb; or the litigation that follows.

Or how about the ultimate deterrent. Electro-Fence and pulsed electric fence system which is both physically and psychologically intimidating. Safe and legal to use and in addition to deterring intruders detects and sets off an alarm for anyone foolish enough to attempt to defeat it.

However you choose to secure your perimeter ask your security consultant about an Advanced Perimeter System.

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