Atomic to Zoological

Nov 18, 2021 | News

All creatures great and small
Zoological and safari parks are a haven for the precious wildlife that exists on our small planet. With increasing numbers of species becoming extinct the need to educate people, let them see and experience these creatures in order to protect them, is growing and the challenges are enormous.

Whether keeping people safely out, or animals peacefully in, perimeter security has never been more important.

Advanced Perimeter Systems has a range of products designed to help you meet these challenges.

You might want to consider:

  • Flexiguard acoustic sensor cable is a simple to install and cost-effective product giving you the confidence that you will be alerted to any attempt to cut, climb or breach the perimeter fencing.
  • Electro-Fence is the ultimate deterrent. A strong physical and psychological barrier. Safe and legal, built to British standards delivering a short duration non-lethal 10,000 volts to anyone attempting to cut or climb. Although safe it certainly packs a punch!

APS products are already installed in a variety of zoo’s and wildlife parks across the globe, helping to protect precious species, infrastructure and people.

Advanced Perimeter Systems has been operating since 1982, is a market leading global supplier of reliable, high security perimeter protection and detection systems. We are a trusted UK-based manufacturer; over the years our systems have been entrusted to protect high profile sites from palaces to prisons, wonders of the world to warehouse distribution centres. Our systems are fully scalable to protect your assets from the Atomic to the Zoological and everything in-between.

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