APS – the best kept secret in the security industry!

Sep 3, 2020 | Case Study

We can’t tell you about many of the projects that use Advanced Perimeter Systems products or locations that benefit from our technology…

We Officially can’t tell anyone (ever) about some of the military installations which use our high security products to monitor and secure some of a nations most secret defence organisations, their troops and military hardware.

Secret in Security

It’s also a secret that our Flexiguard is used to monitor and protect the perimeter of installations around the world from palaces to power stations, test laboratories to theme parks, equestrian centres to elephant sanctuaries, sport centres to space launch pads. Not that we could ever disclose the locations or tell you anything about our valued customers.

Perhaps we could tell you a little about how some prisons, jails, detention centres or correctional facilities around the world use our Flexiguard product to monitor perimeter activity, and alert them to any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise breach their perimeter. Add that to a sterile zone monitored by Microguard providing an invisible barrier and topped off by Pulstar Electro-fence and you’ve got a pretty secure facility.

We can’t of course tell you who is being protected, or from whom. But we can tell you that with APS the facilities are secure. Reliably protected by an APS system protecting them, you and me 24/7.

We can’t tell you very much, but give us a call and we can tell you how Advanced Perimeter Systems can provide the solution to protect you.

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