April fool

Apr 1, 2022 | News

Don’t be a fool this April when it comes to security


April 1 is sometimes known as April Fool’s Day, a day when people play pranks and make jokes. Security however is no laughing matter. It’s something people often don’t take seriously, or perhaps think they’ve got it covered, without really taking a good look a at the risks, threats and potential losses from an inadequate security policy.

At APS we believe that you must have adequate perimeter protection. No point relying on cameras and door contacts. Sure you’ll know when someone has already broken in; indeed the CCTV will give you evidence for the insurers. So why not protect the perimeter. If you can keep intruders off your premises you can keep them out of your premises.

APS has a range of security systems which actively monitor your perimeter and alerts you to any attempt at intrusion. So don’t chance you luck this April Fools. Speak to you alarm installer today about getting an Advanced Perimeter System.

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